Rahul Gandhi versus Narendra Modi


Who has the caliber to become India’s next prime minister?

As India is approaching the 2014 elections, there is a huge battle between Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. Both of them are youth icon’s. One is known to be the lion of the country and other is known to be a politician who belongs to the ruling dynasty. Let see some facts about them.

Narendra Modi:

Narendra modi is the “second Iron man of India”. He is a synonym for development. He is the Indian politician who is capable enough to transform the every field into a prosperous one.  He is a man with vision and he is known to be the powerhouse of ideas. His projects are exclusively crafted for contributing development.

His achievements

He has achieved many success stories for Gujarat. We bring to you a small list of his achievements from his universe of success

  • He has prevented the evaporation of 90 lakh liters of water annually from his canal top solar project.
  • A 600 MW solar park one of the largest solar parks in the world.
  • Usage of Bio diesel hike by 108%.
  • Horticulture production increased by 108%
  • Establishing Kutch as an industrial hub
  • He is the best chief minister of India
  • He establishes the best urban transport system
  • He established the best E-Governed Project -“E-Gram Vishwa Gram”
  • He has more than million Indian followers
  • He is the first Indian CM to be featured in the Times magazine.

Rahul Gandhi:

Rahul Gandhi, A successor of Sonia Gandhi. He is believed to be the youth Icon. He and his party have a very strong stand in Uttar Pradesh. He is an MP (Member of parliament). He entered politics in 2004, it was a period when congress led coalition government had come to power

His achievements:

The following are some achievements of Rahul Gandhi

  • Rahul Gandhi  had retained the seat of  Amethi  by defeating his  rival by 3,33,000 votes.
  • Congress party had got 10 more seats In Uttar Pradesh in 2009 , under his leadership.
  • He has  brought democratization in the Youth Congress
  • He was titled as the “youth Icon of India”.

While researching about his achievements we viewed a webpage rahulgandhiachievements. It was a blank page. This symbolizes that many people think Rahul Gandhi has not achieved much for himself as well as the country. One can’t blame him since he hasn’t never held a responsibility of a state, he has never headed a state.

We think that a clear visionary man has to be the prime minister of India in 2014. He should lead the country and solve major issues like black money, corruption, poverty and unemployment. The basic needs of a common man has to be  provided to them. May the best man win the battle.

Who should be India’s next prime minister according to you?

8 thoughts on “Rahul Gandhi versus Narendra Modi

  1. Comparison between the two is a futile & foolish exercise. PACE of development in Gujarat & Modi’s vision could entitle him to the chair of the Indian PM, but it’s only his FACE & family that can qualify Rahul Gandhi to sit on the PM’s chair.

    Modi can be a PM OF the people, Rahul will be a PM ON the people of the country.
    Modi will be an elected PM, Rahul will be an imposed PM.
    Modi know the NADI of the people, Rahul can’t make any MODI on the people.
    Modi is the son of the soil, Rahul is the son of Sonia.
    Mother India wants Modi to take care of her and her children, Mother Sonia wants Rahul to take care of her & her extended family.
    Modi is the icon of development. Rahul is the icon of ignorance (As he’s not a proven politician with achievements)

    • Very true buddy. While I was searching for Achivements of Rahul Gandhi I hardly found some and for Narendra modi ji even a page wasnt enough. Rahul gandhi has not got any opportunity to serve a state. We can consider him a little over ambitious

  2. Modi and only Modi. RG is like a kid before the towering personality of Modi. Most importantly, Modi has a vision for India and the will power to make it a reality. RG has neither. The choice is clear

  3. मोदी जी सर्व्श्रेस्थ | जो नेता (राहुल गाँधी))बिना कागज के दस मिनट बोल नहीं सकता उसे तुम पी म का उमीदवार कहते हो या मजाक कर रहे हो

    Modiji is an ultimate personality. Rahul Gandhi Could not speak without a paper, you are saying that he is a candidate for PM or you are kidding about him.

    • Hello Jitendra,

      Modiji is a man with good personality. We need to stay neutral and see about it. For many people Modiji is the first choice, but you need to accept that congress still has a upper hand over BJP in many states.

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